Atwood Racing Services


2017 NECXBAR Finals
Regional Championships
November 26, 2017
Coolidge Park, Fitchburg, Massachusetts


Course Map

This year's course has a couple of changes but mostly is the same from last year using the same features, new and old. The course begins going through the finish line and then heads to the off-camber by the fence along the John Fitch Highway, A left turn takes the course around a ballfield and along the backside of the swimming area and the playgrounds. The riders will then enter pit #1, and turn around there to head back to the former crop-circle area for some technical twists and turns, followed closely by the sand volleyball court, which the first leg has been straightened out a bit to test your sand riding skills.. Exiting out of the court the riders will get some fast sections in around the roller rinks and around the east side of the main ball field before encountering a section of planks in a spectator-friendly area. The course then heads off to the northeast quadrant on the park where the riders will tackle some twists and turns in the wood section, with the entrance to pit #2 breaking that up, followed by the built run-ups near the hockey rink. The lap will finish with the path going down and up the same hillside that the course runs-up and a hard turn to return to the gravel path and onto the finish.

The course is approximate 3.3km in length, with hopefully some more technical areas to blend in with the power and speed sections. Click here for a PDF map of the course: Please note the course is subject to change and any changes will be published on this website.

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