Atwood Racing Services is a company established in 2009 to provide the many services used by the bicycle racing community. Please look at the services listed above, and contact us if any of the strategic services that we offer can help you have a successful event. I have over 25 years experience in bicycle racing, and continue to refine the services that I bring to the table. Cycling promoters throughout the circuit are benefitting from the quality of our participation.

If you're planning a racing event, contact us and we'll help you take it up a notch.

What We Do



We offer registration services that will make this most important function as painless as possible for a race organizer, by doing all the work from organizing pre-registration, setting up number pickup and day-of registration, and post-event accounting of funds. 



We offer announcing services that will allow the spectators of your event to enjoy their experience more than they would without having an emcee at the event. Knowledgeable fans will bring their energy out towards the event, which is turn will create a festive and fun environment for everyone at the venue. 

Technical Support


Whatever your needs maybe, whatever size of the race (big, small, or in between), we help make your race a better event for everyone, including sponsors, racers, and the municipalities that open their doors to the sport of cycling and welcome races in. 



We offer results services that allows small to mid-sized races to have results gathering capabilities just like their bigger counterparts; so all races, small, large, or anything in between, we can provide what racers are looking for; where they finished in the contest. 



We offer your event experienced officiating that will know the rules and how to apply them at any capacity, whether functioning as the chief referee or an assistant. With 20+ years experience in the sport, we can  provide a safe and fair event for all competitors. 

Upcoming Events

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