I have been involved in the sport to some degree since 1988, when I worked the chase vehicle for my friend Chris for his first trek across New England to benefit a local charity. Ever since then I've seen a lot of events, most of them local, but we're lucky to have some top level races in the northeast as well.

With my vast experience in the sport, I can offer any race the technical support it needs to become a succesful event. I have had the pleasure of assisting in the production of several events, including the Bear Mountain Spring Classic, the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference, the Longjso Classic, the Tour of the Battenkill, and the Univest Grand Prix. Whatever your needs maybe, whatever size of the race (big, small, or in between), I can help make your race a better event for everyone, including sponsors, racers, and the municipalities that open their doors to the sport of cycling and welcome races in.

My fees for technical services depend on the level of consulting that you need, so please contact me to discuss the scope of work that you would need me to do and the quote will be based on the level of effort needed.

If you are interesting in hiring me for your next event, please don't hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail at the information listed below. Thank you for your interest in my technical services.